Did you know these fun fact about Halloween?

Between shouting ‘Boo!’ and biting into a mini-Snickers, you can feel pious on Halloween. After all, it was 8th century Pope Gregory III who designated November 1 as a time to honor all saints and martyrs—All Saints Day.

The evening before was called All Hallows Even (All Holy Evening) shortening over time to All Hallows Eve, then Hallowe’en, and now, wedded as we are to efficiency of language, Halloween. 

Halloween witch

Introducing Mordina the Witch, from a work-in-progress series of Fairy Tales:

-Named Wicked Witch of the Year, 42 years running.

-Loves anything crumbly, cobwebby, dusty, dirty, moldy or stinky.

-Has an extensive bloomer and sock collection.

-Is on a mission to save the Kingdom of Feyell from happiness and goodness. Does she succeed? Well, she always keeps trying!

Just for kids: 

Download this FREE COLORING PDF of Elswith the Witch at the cauldron. Her evil Aunt Mordina is has ordered her to stir a potion, but Elswith doesn’t want to. 

Fun Facts about Witches

1. In medieval Europe, folks believed owls were witches.

2. It was once thought that if a person wore his or her clothes inside out and walked backward on Halloween, a witch would appear at the stroke of midnight.

3. The word witch comes from the Old English, ‘wicce’ (plural wiccan) which means, ‘wise woman’. Mordina is the exception that proves the rule, she does some pretty dumb things!

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