Did you know?

Halloween is Irish! It was born out of the ancient Celtic harvest festival Samhain (pronounced Saw-win). People dressed up in costumes to ward off ghosts and later the poor went door to door offering prayers for the dead in return for food. Today Ireland is the only country closely resembling ours in the U.S. and Canada with trick or treating and parties.

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Just for Kids:

Download this FREE coloring pdf of Elswith the Witch trying to cast an evil spell. Hint: It’s not going very well!

Fun Facts About Halloween:

1.The first jack o’lanterns were large turnips, beets and potatoes—there were no pumpkins in Ireland. Pumpkins were first grown in Mexico.

2. Afraid of Halloween? You’ve got Samhainophobia!

3. The data is in: 84% of kids prefer candy, chocolate, and gum in their goodie bags over home-baked goods, small toys, even chips. Most popular item? Chocolate by a landslide.

Elswith the Witch is the Nut Room’s current work-in-progress, the first of a humorous picture book Fairy Tale series.

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