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Maurice Sendak is famous for his colorful, 1963 Caldecott Award winning book, Where the Wild Things Are, but his masterful command of cross-hatching with pen & ink is best illustrated in a lesser known, but equally charming story for early grade readers, Higglety, Pigglety, Pop! (see below)  about a dog who runs away from home.

The book is an homage to his adored Sealyham terrier, Jennie who passed away just before the book’s publication in 1967.

Note how Sendak painstakingly applies different styles of cross-hatching  along with various levels of pen pressure to suggest shape and form:


Fun Facts About Maurice Sendak:

-He said the creatures in Where the Wild Things Are were based on his relatives.

-At age 20, he built window displays at the iconic F.A.O. Schwartz toy store in NYC. Through the book buyer there, he met Harper & Row editor, Ursula Nordstrom, the most famous editor of children’s books of all time and the rest, as they say, is history.

-Sometimes it’s better to not be terribly good at something: Both Max’s and the creatures’ adorable feet in Where the Wild Things Are add to the unique whimsy leaping from each page. “I never learned to draw feet,” Sendak is known to have said.

Full title is a bit long and a hair unwieldy:  Higglety Pigglety Pop! There Must Be More to Life. 

From an eight year old fan.
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