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Canadians also celebrate the landing of the Pilgrims on Plymouth Rock, just like Americans? Turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie, family and friends gathered round a large table; a time to share and give thanks.

But there are some big differences, too:

1. The dates: Canadians celebrate on the second Sunday in October, when the fall leaves are at their prettiest and the last of the harvest comes in. Americans celebrate on the fourth Thursday of November.

2. After Canadian Thanksgiving, thoughts turn to all things spooky as Halloween is around the corner. In America, it’s the kick-off to the holiday season.

3.Americans make a much bigger celebration out of Thanksgiving with families & friends often traveling great distances and many turning it into a three-day (or more) vacation, plus the weekend. Canadians only get Monday off, so the celebration is more low-key, and yet much beloved. Thanksgiving is even more quiet in Quebec, with far fewer people making a big turkey dinner. After all, the Pilgrims were English.

From the NutRoom’s Fairy Tale series, currently in production: a villager in the Kingdom of Feeyell. For this Thanksgiving issue he whole-heartedly agrees with Charlie Brown’s above quote. Can you think of a name for him? Reply to this email if you have an inspiration!


Just for kids:

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Fun Facts about Thanksgiving:

1.Ben Franklin considered the turkey a ‘much more respectable’ bird than the bald eagle and thought it would make a better national symbol.
2. The pilgrims did not use forks because they weren’t invented yet!
3. In 1939, President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared the next to last Thursday of the month as Thanksgiving Day, but that did not go over well. In 1941 he changed it back.

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